County Assessors across California believe that the property located in their counties is worth substantially more this year than it was last year. Each Assessor is required to prepare an annual assessment roll consisting of all taxable property in their county. In many counties, roll values increased substantially: San Francisco (↑10.80 percent), San Mateo (↑8.03 percent), Santa Clara (↑7.34 percent), San Bernardino (↑7.30 percent), Alameda (↑7.11 percent), Placer (↑7.08 percent), Sacramento (↑6.75 percent), Los Angeles (↑6.62 percent), Contra Costa (↑6.34 percent), Orange (↑6.23%), Riverside (↑6.20 percent), and San Diego (↑6.11 percent). This is in spite of Proposition 13 protections and reflects, in part, a return to base year values after reductions given after the 2008 market collapse.

As such, taxpayers across the state may wish to review both their real and personal property assessments or factored base year value. Under California law, property may not be assessed at a value greater than its fair market value. If property is being over-assessed, taxpayers may be able to protect their rights and file timely appeals with the local assessment appeals board or county board.

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