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Making Final Arrangements for Funerals and Dispositions of Remains

Unlike Halloween, funeral arrangements shouldn’t be a spooky mysterious process. If your wishes are not specified in writing, how will your family and friends know your ideal ultimate resting place? To avoid confusion and added stress in a time of grief and mourning, as much of the desired funeral and burial/cremation arrangements should be made … Continue Reading

Arranging Your Final Resting Place: Will You Rocket into Space, Serve as a Foundation for a Coral Reef, or Stick with More Traditional ‘Final Arrangements’?

Given today’s technology setting up your “final arrangements” may be a bit more interesting than in years past… and could create more controversy between family members if you don’t make your wishes known.  The alternatives are wide ranging, and there seems to be something to appeal to everyone.  Coral reef burial? Launch into space?  Be … Continue Reading