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State Law on After-born Children Leads to Revocation of a Will

State statutes play an essential role in drafting estate planning documents, especially a will.  In some states, the birth of a child after the execution of a will may result in the revocation of the will, if not carefully drafted.  A recent Georgia case, Hobbs v. Winfield, 2017 WL 4017935 (Ga. 2017), emphasizes the importance … Continue Reading

Joint Revocable Trusts – Not Always the Best Choice in Common Law Property States

Joint revocable trusts often seem like a natural planning solution for couples with “stable” marriages, or whose total net worth is less than the combined federal estate tax exemption ($5.45 million per individual in 2016). However, separate revocable trusts could be preferable if a couple does not reside in a so-called community property state, since the … Continue Reading