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There’s No Time Like the Present

Admittedly, estate planning is not an easy topic to bring up with parents and other family members, but dealing with the topic when there are no looming health issues is definitely easier than discussing estate and disability planning after a diagnosis or accident.  You’d probably assume that the parents of a middle aged estate planner … Continue Reading

2017 Federal Tax Inflation Adjustments

Each year, the IRS makes inflation adjustments to numerous thresholds, exemptions, exclusions, and other amounts that affect various tax calculations under the Internal Revenue Code. For example, annual inflation adjustments apply to the standard deductions available to taxpayers for income tax purposes, the filing thresholds for each income tax bracket, the amount available for annual … Continue Reading

Tying (or Untying) the Knot: At a Minimum, Don’t Forget to Update Your Agent and Beneficiary Designations

Many individuals expect that getting married or divorced automatically updates all of their legal responsibilities to their new or former spouse.  However, while filing a marriage certificate or divorce papers is a step in the right direction, there are many complexities that do not get resolved merely by filing such paperwork with the court.  Due … Continue Reading

Selection of Fiduciaries

One of the most important decisions you will make in developing a legacy plan is selecting the right individuals to serve out the roles in your core legacy planning documents. The people appointed to these roles are often called fiduciaries or sometimes, stewards. A fiduciary is a person or institution who can act on your … Continue Reading