The applicable federal rates (AFRs) under Internal Revenue Code (Code) Section 1274(d) and the Code Section 7520 rate (7520 rate) for a particular month are published by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in a Revenue Ruling that is released around the 18th day of the immediately preceding month. Advance knowledge of the rates for the future month provides a window of opportunity for the quick or delayed implementation of income, gift, and estate-tax planning in response to upward or downward trends. The effective implementation and management of interest-sensitive estate planning techniques also involves numerous other factors in addition to the relevant AFR or 7520 rate, including a client’s particular circumstances and should be undertaken with the advice of competent tax counsel and financial advisors.
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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) publishes a monthly update to the applicable federal rates (AFRs) and 7520 rates.

Planning professionals and their clients should take note of fluctuations in these rates and be mindful of planning opportunities that come with rate changes.

The AFR is calculated by the IRS under Section 1274(d) of the Internal Revenue Code (the Code) and is used for many purposes. One of its most common applications is to establish the minimum interest rate that can be charged on an intra-family loan without income or gift tax consequences. These “safe harbor rates” are dependent upon two factors: (i) the term of the loan and (ii) the frequency of compounding of interest.Continue Reading IRS Announces October 2017 Applicable Federal Rates and 7520 Rates